Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Batman bin Suparman Masuk Penjara

Fullamak. Anak beranak superhero kah? Ini kisah warga Singapura keturunan Jawa dengan nama yang amat unik sekali. Baru je masuk penjara. Kenapa?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Butterfly Project:Luau Party with Kinohimitsu!

Dear  Butterfly Project,
I'm writing this entry with one sole purpose only - to secure the exclusive invitation to
the 1st ever Luau Party with Kinohimitsu at Villa Manja.

Unfortunately Air Asia does not fly to Hawaii for me to experience Luau. Not sure I can do the hula dance but upon hearing there is a Luau Party in KL - I want to join! I just secure a new job, so this party sounds perfect for me.. hehe..

Dearie Butterfly Project,
I have fun with the Bubble Gum Wax Dare To Wax challenge and cant wait to have more fun with the other butteflies. 

Oh ya my sweet Butterfly Project...
Have I told you that I'm using the Kinohimitsu Health Pad? Most people call it as a detox pad, to remove toxin from our body while we are sleeping. Some might questioned its benefit, but so far it does wonder to me - especially when I'm totally exhausted. Put it on my feet before sleeping, and usually I will wake up early feeling light and fully rested.

My ever dearest Butterfly Project ,
Pick me. Shower me with goodies and prizes from Kinohimitsu. Let me try my luck with the spin the wheel lucky draw. I might just come with the best dress that night. ^wink^ ^wink^.

A caterpillar by the name Atika Ramlan.

Friday, October 18, 2013

#NNFoodFest: Awesome Event, Food and Goodies

TW(EAT) to EAT! The 1st and only eating event organized by Nuffnang. If you were not there, here is what you missed out:

1. Tonnes of FREE FOOD and DRINKS. I don't even have time to take pictures of all the vendors, but here are some of it.

2. I won RM100 cash voucher from My Burger Lab by winning their Instagram contest. Only 2 were chosen, and I submit it last minute, around 8pm. Haha.

3. FREE vouchers, FREE Powerbank.

4. Blogger gathering, blogger cooking event.

5. #NNFoodFest was trending on Twitter! How cool is that? Nuffnang surely is successful with its first event! Kudos to the team!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I WIN: Halls of Horror Movie Marathon

The lucky strikes continues! This is even better than the normal Premiere Screening I've attended. Thanks Cinema Online!

This is the 2nd time I won premiere screening invites from Cinema Online. But this time even better! Its a movie marathon of Insidious followed by the premiere screening of Insidious 2. Not only that ya, dinner will be served as well as we are going to watch it at TGV 1 Utama LUXE hall

The unique part of it: it has Halloween theme. Hehehe. Reminded me of last year Tribal Halloween at Genting. Based from the event details, there is also a lucky draw session. Usually I'm not that lucky, but still hoping.. ahaks.

Oh ya. How I win the invites? Normally it's on Cinema Online website, but this time it's a Facebook contest. Just need to come out with creative answer for the pictures. To increase my luck, I commented 3 times. Hehehe. 2 of the comments I need to Google to get inspiration, only 1 is spontaneous. (yes, I'm very serious in entering contest)

You love to enter contest? Jom join my newly-created Facebook Group: 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hello Kitty Malaysia Is Finally Here Today!

A Super Good News to all Hello Kitty Fans!!
I believe a lot of you girls and guys searching around
where to grab for Hello Kitty products in Malaysia for a really
long time…
And today…
Finally… Hello Kitty Malaysia is here..!

They are selling for Hello Kitty products through online!
Currently they’re having Hello Kitty Lucky Draw, and you can
have have a chance to win for “Hello Kitty Energy Necklace”
(Value: RM207 each).
If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself here,
while it’s still available:

This special Hello Kitty Lucky Draw is valid for a limited time
only, which it may be taken off completely. Stop reading this now,
and go to the Hello Kitty Malaysia website and get a chance to
win now:

If you’re reading this blog post too late, then you may have missed it.
Don’t leave a comment to complain because there’s nothing I can do.
I DID tell you it’s a limited offer :)

Join Lucky Draw Now

Friday, September 13, 2013

Jumpa Artis di KRU Studios Cyberjaya

Hari ini amat best. Jumpa ramai artis untuk rakaman rancangan Betul ke Bohong di KRU Studios, Cyberjaya. Nak tahu cara jumpa mereka dengan mudah dan percuma?

 Before that, let me tell you ni 1st time tengok live recording rancangan TV. Bukan tak minat, tapi banyak tempat macam jauh. Kali ni bila tengok Lisa Surihani share pasal rakaman rancangan Betul ke Bohong ni, apalagi, terus try laaa.. hehehe.

Seperti biasa AC Mizal la pengacaranya. Kali ini artis jemputan ialah 
Team 1: Ajak Shiro, Fendi Balas dan Lisa Surihani
Team 2: Shahrul Shiro, Yusry KRU dan Azwan Ali.

Serius aku tak sangka gila happening dan kelakar. Personally, before this I think AC Mizal is a bit too loud and not really funny. Tapi bila tengok depan-depan, he is a funny guy. Even sebelum rakaman start, dia dah mula lighten up the mood and buat kelakar. Especially lawak dendam 4U2C dan KRU.. hehehe.

Cant tell much. Yang pasti memang riuh rendah. Gamat. Happening. Best. 

Oh ya, I sit at the front row. Gonna hate to see me on TV, haha. I was actually lucky ebab tersilap masuk bilik artis-artis belakang backstage tu. Tapi no courage nak amek gambar kat situ.

So nak tahu cara nak dapat free passes untuk tonton rakaman Betul ke Bohong? Baca sini: Cara Tonton Percuma Rakaman Betul ke Bohong.

Cara Tonton Percuma Rakaman Betul ke Bohong

Senang je nak dapatkan free passes untuk sesi rakaman Betul Ke Bohong. Sesi rakaman ini bermula 11-17 September 2013. Mudah sangat.
Ikut je cara-cara di bawah:

1. Layari TV LIVE
2. Mesti akan dapat pop-up page ni:

3. Ikut saja arahan gambar di atas tu. Daftar, sahkan akaun. Kemudian klik dekat "Free Shows". Pilih Betul Ke Bohong . Pilih tarikh, masa dan berapa tiket. Last sekali dapat QR Code. Dia emailkan juga sekali.

** I save the QR code dekat smartphone je sebab tak suka print- cintailah alam sekitar. Tapi masa kat studio, takde pun diorang check. hehe..

Selepas semua dah selesai, apa lagi. Silalah cari jalan ke ofis KRU Studios. Senang je nak cari kalau biasa dengan Cyberjaya or pandai tengok Google Maps. Hehehe.

I'm going again 17 September slot 1pm. Sape nak join? Hehe..