Saturday, December 13, 2008

Home Alone

Alone in my house. Qada' tdo..woke up veryy late:12.30 pm..huhu..
had breakfast of putu mayam,bought at pasar mlm semlm..

finished watching Bleach 194-197.

and now wathcing The Girl From Tomorrow.. aussie story,bout girl name Alana..a big hit in the 90s..bring back memories during Alam Ria Cuti Sekolah back in the 90s. I was in standard 4 or 5 at that time

hmm,today completed the 1st series: 1-12..
tomorrow or later i'll continue the 1nd season: Tomorrow's end

Thursday, December 11, 2008

50% Under Construction..

Just changed my blog skinz. halfway done. so pardon me if they are some broken links, huhu..
will settle everything during the weekend hopefully.

Mcm kelakar..provide khidmat buat blog,tp blog sendiri tak sempat nak siapkan..ahaks..
wknd ni ade 3 blogs nak siapkan..teruja gak nak setting blog org lawa2..

Snip Snip!!

finally went to a hair salon. called E3, the 273th branch in Asia
here's my review..
now hv i tried taiwan hair spa rm19.90.
it was inclusive of aroma neck/shoulder massage, scalp cleansing,arm reflexology and hair wash massage.
waa,sumthing new..u r advised to wear short sleeves or ez-to-roll-up-sleeves,coz they massage the whole arms.the scalp cleansing,minty.the massage was good. I was attended by Susan.

then for the haircut rm15.90. she did ok. my layer looks cute.

downside for susan : x smooth during hairwash. not so delicate laa..n she forgot to clean my face after the haircut..

E3 use schwarzkopf. i might consider to do my rebonding/relaxing there. what i saw,the stylist are welcoming n friendly..warmer feeling,not too exclusive.

definitely going to bring my bf there to try the taiwan hair spa!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All by Myself..tsk! off day.but i'm bz as a bee!

morning,hv to go to KUMON to finish admin tasks. then off to BP 10 for tuition at 1pm.

then drove to Bdr Puteri. I had a craving for Kluang Coffee, but felt that Bdr Kinrara is too far to go by MYSELF. so just went to Bdr Puteri,lots of Kopitiam..

but I didnt go to any of the Kopitiams. dont hv the mood,so just tapau kfc n bought breads & cakes from a new bakery..Waaa, suddenly a lot of new shops opening in Bdr Puteri..

Sudeenly saw a hair salon. E3. Offering Taiwan Hair Spa. hmmm, i really need a haircut. but when i reached the counter, a stylist suggest me to come tomorrow as they were short of staffs. not a problem,tomorrow also I'm off..

Hope this salon is OK..will give my review tomorrow..