Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Free Coupons : Wendy's

Feeling generous today. Or maybe hungry,hehehe..

When I was at Wendy's last week, I noticed u can also get free coupons online.
So for those who'd like to try Wendy's can just click on the image above. Print and show it upon ordering.

Wendy's can be a bit pricey, but worth the money. the portion is bigger, the sauce is yummy. I never had a chance to try the chillis yet. If u r bored with ur regular fast food, can try it!

Wendy's location: Sunway Pyramid, IOI Mall, Jaya One, Jln Sultan Ismail, Mont Kiara, Giant Kota damansara, AEON Au2, Berjaya Time Square

Pls show some appreciation by dropping comments here..tq!!

Free Coupons: McD for You

diclaimer: for those still boycotting McD, this is not suited for you

Morning to all. Ive been meaning to pass this earlier,but something always came up till i forget.
SO if u r always eating out and Lovin' It, you can use this McDonald coupon.

I got mine slipped into my paper. But also available online.

Just click the coupons to enlarge it,and print it.

Hurry, valid until 28 February only..

GENG The Movie: My Review

ok, ni my personal opinion of GENG The Movie:
1. of cos very interesting.. animation,suara semua ok. cantik, meletup,very da bom!

2. Bahasa mythical creature Oopet tu aku rasa a bit off sket la..mmg la bahasa asing, tp mcm x brape kena. plak tu aku ni kuat pengaruh anime, so aku rasa mcm byk kali dgr ala2 Japanese, especially "baka" (sape yg xtau, baka means bodoh!")

3. Aku xsangka plak citer ni ala2 ganas2 sket. very good, cuma aku hrp lps ni citer dia bleh buat 2 muvi. 1citer yg mcm happy,citer psl zaman kanak2.. dan 2nd betul2 citer adventure, pertarungan-sbb mmg puas tgk action dlm citer tuh.

4. aku amatla turn off dgn segmen menyanyi ramai2 tuh. bukan apa,citer ni glamer,tp depa x pilih soundtrack yg melekat, yg catchy. alangkah bagusnya klu lagu tu senang budak2 ikut, dan leh jadik tagline jugak. klu iya pun financed by MOSTI, xkan la smpi skema sgt kot lagunya. lagu rakyat banyak catchy per..

5. puas ati dgn preview, making of, iklan + movie. pakej promosi depa ni amatla bagus!! nak tgk berkali2 the Making Of tuh..

err,so far itu la yg aku rasa..tp overall mmg BAGUS!! I just hope it can attract Non-Malays too. And kabarnya akan ke Indonesia bulan 7, and so far I heard di Indonesia juga Insyaallah dinanti2 kedatangannya. So Bloggers Indonesia, have u heard of Upin Ipin so far?

GENG The Movie

Betul.. Betul..Betul!!!
Tagline Upin Ipin yg melekat dalam kepala baik budak2 mahupun mak bapak bebudak..

Dah tengok blom GENG The Movie? What I've heard, mmg slalu sold out. dan rata2,mmg ramai kena book awal2,klu beli on the spot,samada dpt seat paling depan,or melepas ler..

Gue udah tengok.. dengan my cik abang + my bestfren Hasanah+her hubby Yie.
2 hari seblom dah book online kat gsc. saje try tgk kat Alamanda Putrajaya sbb tak penah lg ngetest situ.

perghh!! mmg full house. cuma crowd rasanya xdela happening sgt,rasanya klu tgk kat midveli/klcc mesti lg riuh a.k.a. supportive audience.

my big family pun tgk asing2. me with cik abang. my bro witth his wife. my sis dgn sape tah kat bkt raja. my parents n adik2 lain tgk kat bkt tgi.. semua "complain" full hse..heheh..hrp2 target 10 juta sampai la--for more upcoming movies.

Trivia ciput from me:
  • yg buat suara Muthu tu kawan adik lelakiku
  • tuan punya company tu, parents kawan adik perempuanku
  • restoran GENG dpn Les Copaque aku dah try. hehehe
  • ade org jual brg2 upin ipin/Geng kat foyer GSC Alamanda. Jual mahal!! ingat aku bodoh ke tak tau rega.. tp cian la org lain yg beli menda mahal..

Monday, February 23, 2009

Beaten Up Rihanna:Her Battered Face

Looks familiar?
If u are aware with entertainment news,u should already saw the battered face of Rihanna.

Released by TMZ.com, the acclaimed "beaten-up Rihanna" picture prompted the police to issue LAPD Police Statement for fear of tampering the investigation..

It was popular with Netizen (till now), and even boosted up my blog with my previous entry: CHRIS BROWN BEAT RIHANNA

Most newspapers also featured the pics.

And guess what-- YOU'VE GOT PUNKED!!

Later,it was released that it was actually photoshopped. Hummpphh, they simply said
"In case someone sends you an email with the subject line "OMG LOOK AT RIHANNA'S FACE!!!" -- it's photoshopped."

Will we ever see the real beaten up Rihanna?

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I'm off to my work.

Just want to update that:
1. http://blablablabber.blogspot.com has been changed to http://blablablabber.via.my/

2. http://jalanjalan-carikerja.blogspot.com/ changed to http://cariduit.via.my/

ive redirect the old blog to the new domain name. and some editing need to be done. hope I can finish some setting during midnite if not too tired..

Hello to all of YOU!

Hello to all visitors!! I'm shocked after few days not blogging,due to my hectic work schedule, to find this:

It made me felt sorrier for not updating my blogs. =(
I'm grateful for all who visit my blog, but still I cant help to wonder how it happen.
I was just blog-hopping for 1 day,and most of it are Malaysian/Indonesian blogs.
So can any of you from US,UK, Netherlands share with me how did u stumble to this page,please?
Knowing that,maybe I can post to suit ur preferences =)

Or maybe expert bloggers can tell me how it happen perhaps. Coz I'm still new with how blog and its traffic works

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Takziah untuk Siti Nurhaliza's Family

Continuation from Siti's father passed away

more pics to share. taken from various sites,news online.

SAD FACES OF THE FAMILIES..Suddenly feel sad if it was my father.. =(

FAREWELL..May he rest in peace..

BURIAL PROCESS credit to http://rasdi146.blogspot.com

My Multi-JOBS

I still didn't sleep,huhu..my adrenaline was pumping and in the mood to edit my blog and visiting blogs,spamming emails to "publicize" my 2 blogs. ahakss..

And some questioned me whether i didnt work or am i a student *wink*

here are my current list of JOBS:
1. English Instructor @ KUMON Bdr Bkt Puchong (my main income)
2. Online Rater for a company based in Ireland ( everyday,if tasks available)
3. PLKN Facilitator for Integrasi Program (3 times a year)
4. 1-on-1 Tuition Teacher (English, Maths, and lately, BM)

seem too much? but I'm loving it. and believe it,I still have enuff time for leisure.
the only setback is I finished work at 10pm since i start working at 1pm

more info on my jobs and parttime jobs are here:

so what are/is your job(s)? COMMENT pls..


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Siti Nurhaliza's Father Passed Away..

Bapa kepada penyanyi terkenal tanah air, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Taruddin Ismail, meninggal dunia kerana sakit jantung di Hospital Ampang Puteri, Ampang pada jam 11.50 pagi ini.

Taruddin menjalani pembedahan jantung tiga hari lalu.

Father to Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Taruddin Ismail, passed away in Hospital Ampang Puteri, Ampang at 11.50 am today due to heart failure.

He underwent heart operation 3 days ago.

Innalillah, Peace Be Upon Him..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Choc

Here's a tip for those looking gifts on Valentines. Especially if u dont have big budget.

Give ur love one Chocolate Graphics

The idea is not so new, but mebi u never done it. Yesterday I saw a kiosk in Midvalley selling it.
For RM5-7, u can already get a nice choc..You can personalised the message, u dont even hv to buy a Valentines card.

Guys: definitely suitable for ur girlfren (unless she HATES choc!)
Ladies: nothing wrong giving it to ur hunny bunny. Just dont complain if he eat it straighaway!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Chris Brown beat Rihanna

Chris Brown beat Rihanna

Suddenly everyone is wondering whether Rihanna was beaten up by his boyfriend-Chris Brown... There is a lot of talk about the “unidentified female” that was violently assaulted.

This was the scenario: Both artists were supposed to appear at the 51st Grammy Awards. They both attended the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party. Then they leave together in their limo, where it supposedly happened. Some blogs claimed Rihanna was seen bruised.

Logically,Rihanna must be with Chris Brown in the limo. And if it wasn’t Rihanna, why didn’t she show up at the Grammy’s where she was set to perform with T.I.?

Personally,I think the stories are true. But looking forward to see pictures of Rihanna with bruises.

And also wondering whether she'll stay with the relationship. Hope she won't be like Whitney and Bobby