Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Movie Review: Soar into the Sun

For 1st time ever, I win ChurpPremiere Screening for Soar into the Sun. All because I didnt win the Nuffnang Premiere Screening contest. hehe.

Anuar sound bila mula2 kami amek gambar skema. so inilah hasilnya..
I met Anuar and Daniel there too. My team mate during with Nuffnang Genting Evangelist: Tribal Halloween event last weekend. Juga nampak Mira and Jeff.

Ok. bout the movie. I already read from online review and Rotten Tomatoes beforehand. So already expecting a so-so movie. I mainly watch this coz of Rain.hehehe..

The movie was actually better than my expectation, I a expecting lot worst. But still this movie is not great. The plot is jumpy. Here and there.

So my verdict? if you want to watch it at the cinema, go on Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nuffnang Genting Evangelist:Tribal Halloween. The Prizes

Sesat Treasure hunt: DONE. Halloween costume dinner: DONE. Tele-match: DONE. Gelak suka hati: DONE. Makan sedap-sedap: DONE. So what’s left was just the prize-giving ceremony to mark the end of Tribal Halloween.

Among all participants, I’m among the unluckiest one. I only got these prizes from Resort World Genting:

Genting Theme Park All Park 1 Day Unlimited Ride complimentary tickets x2. 
Worth RM132. (thru Lucky Draw)

Genting Sky Venture complimentary tickets x2. 
Worth RM100  (for Slayer group being #2)

Genting Freeze 2 VIP Show tickets x2. 
Worth RM230 (for Slayer group being #2. Actually I got Snow World, but managed to change it to Freeze 2 VIP show.hehe..)

Yeah.  That’s how “unlucky” I was.  Sedih sangat, kesian kat I kan? huhuhu. So just imagine what the lucky winners got. They got more prizes, or more tickets to Genting Theme Park, Snow World, Sky Venture, Genting rooms and Freeze 2 VIP shows. Hibri got 6 Freeze 2 show tickets! Giler jealous..

Tribal Halloween ended. We had our fun. Will surely join more event handled by Resort World Genting as Nuffnange Genting Evangelist!

Nuffnang Genting Evangelist:Tribal Halloween.The Event

I was blessed to be invited here. Coz the Awana Longhouse is not open to public. only for company event mostly.

The Awana Longhouse:

The Briefing:

Our trainer: Zul. hehe..
Eco-Sport Treasure hunt:
Aduyaiii.. Group Slayer was leading but  we unfortunately found wrong clue that was left from previous treasure hunt. So we become the last one.. But we still have fun, and I'm surprised I still can run without cramp. Hoho. 

For more pictures and story, you may read our "unofficial photographer" page: Kesian you sesat ikut kitorang.

Halloween-theme dinner:
The time for everybody to "melaram" with their costume. Mine was just a simple Moroccan jubah paired with a RM12.90 witch hat bought at Memory Lane.

The peak of the night, is the Charade game. Apparently, this is how Khai interpret Spiderman. hahahaha..

Then continued with Blogger-Sharing session with 
Followed by prize ceremony for Nuffnang Genting Evangelist and lucky draw. Read here: Tribal Halloween: The Prize.

And the watching Scary Movie together..hehe

On 2nd day, more games. fun games. Slayer managed to win some! we sure were the loudest group. hehe

Nuffnang Genting Evangelist:Tribal Halloween. The Food

One of the main event: MAKAN!
For this entry, no need for me to elaborate more la eh. Just feast your eyes with the delicious food served to us at Rajawali Coffee House and Pasar Ikan Bakar at Awana Genting.

Our 1st day lunch at Rajawali Coffee House:

I was extremely hooked with the kuetiaw noodle. Specifically the pink, crab ball.
p/s: Lawa tak my plating? hehehehehe.

 Our Halloween-theme Dinner at Pasar Ikan Bakar:

 My breakfast on 2nd day at Pasar Ikan Bakar:

My lunch on 2nd day at Rajawali Coffee House:

Monday, November 5, 2012

Nuffnang Genting Evangelist:Tribal Halloween. The Arrival

Few years with Nuffnang, and I didnt even know there is Genting Evangelist. *sigh*

Thanks to a new blogger-friend: Khai Art Far, I knew about this event which was held on 3-4 Nov 2012 at Awana Long House Genting. Fully sponsored by Resort World Genting, Tribal Halloween is by far the biggest event I attended as a blogger.

We gathered at Wisma Genting around 9.30-10am. I kinda felt left out coz I didnt know any bloggers, all of them seem younger than me. Finally, I just approach some1 near, Nisa. Friendly, i like ~

I think we started to move at around 10.30 am kot. 
<== This is our ride. Really comfy!

We reached Awana Genting at around 11am. After putting away our bags, we straight away go to Rajawali for lunch.

But lunch will only start at 12pm. Alamak.. So what should we do? Mingle around, take a short tour and cam-whoring of course! Here are some pictures taken while waiting for lunch.

The Location: Awana Genting

Left: Warning yaa.. No Durian nor Cempedak here!
Right: Me with Dato’ Ruddin Salim – Vice President of Awana Genting

Me with the new-found-blogger friends. Khai, Hibri, Eazy, Nasim, Syafiq, Fifa, Aina, Atirah. I feel and look younger with them.. haha. All of them are 10 years younger than me sehhh..

p/s: kejap lagi I tagged all of your blog eh?

Will continue more in next post.