Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Movie Review: BRAVE

Watched Brave in 3D yesterday at GSC IOI Mall Puchong. As usual, I watched on Wednesday.
I opted for 3D coz no normal version here.

Mula-mula, before the movie start, there was a short movie called La Luna. Silent movie, but entertaining. So jangan confuse pulak-coz I was confused coz the 3 characters obviously takde in Brave movie.

So about the Brave movie review. The story memang unconventional. No prince to woo the princess. Not a typical royal family. Ade triplets princes, adik-adik Merida ni. Memang most of funny moments sebab character depa ni.

I no need to explain about the storyline further la ye. Overall:
  • Not worth to watch in 3D. Nothing spectacular. 
  • Got few funny moments, but just here and there.
  • OK story, but I cant say interesting or recommended. I think her hair is the most stood out in this movie.
  • Definitely will bore young children. This is not a typical cartoon to entertain children.
  • The story is too simplistic. I wish to know nape mesti her mum/Mor'du turned into a bear instead of other animals or sumthing else. And I dunno how to describe, but sumthing is off la with this story.

Ticket Price: RM13.50
Verdict: Nak tengok boleh, tak tengok pun tak rugi.
Better than Snow White & The Huntsman, worse than Madagascar 3. Either watch it on Wednesday or download je..

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Offer Subway Beli 1 Percuma 1

 Long queue to get Buy 1 Free 1 Subway Sandwich. This is at Subway Giant Kinrara during lunch time. Expect longer queue at busier Subway branches. Huhu.

 Hari ni kuar lunch awal 12.30 sebab nak rebutkan Promo Subway Beli 1 Percuma 1 nih. smpi just dlm 12.50pm, and queue xdela panjang sgt.. Tapi, bila sampai time kitorg, cuma tinggal Wheat and Italian bread je. Parmesan Oregano tgh baked, so amek je la apa yang ada. Walaupun promo, but servis ok, portion pun takde apa yang dikurangkan. So thumbs-up Subway Malaysia!

Total time beratur untuk beli: 1 hour
Apa yang dibeli : Italian BMT + Subway Melt.
Total price : RM12.50.

Dalam pukul 1pm, mula la orang berbondong-bondong kuar from ofis. Followed by school students nearby around 1.30pm. hehe. So, dunno how the queue will be after office hour. If you plan to buy after office hour-good luck and sabar beratur ye..Happy hunting you guys! Kalau tak larat nak beratur hari ni, guna je Subway Buy 1 Free 1 coupon.

FREE SUBWAY Sandwich - Buy 1 Free 1

Dont miss out this offer! All this time I need to use coupon to get Buy 1 Free 1 Subway Sandwich.  But not today.

Today cuma perlu bawak diri ke mana cawangan Subway. Beratur yang mungkin panjang line time lunch/mlm nanti..  (erkk). Dan order la mana-mana sandwich kesukaan masing-masing. Huhu. 

For me, lunch nanti I will go with my officemate ke Subway Giant Kinrara. Malam nanti, kalau sempat, nak dinner at Subway IOI Mall pulak kot.

So guys, dont miss out. only for today- 27 June 2012 to get Free Subway Sandwich!