Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today, macam artis. Everything sponsored!

Fuh!! Just reached home 2 hours ago..Pegi mana? Of course to Snack & Screen Prince Of Persia with 150 lucky Nuffnangers.

I've heard a lot not-so-good comment for Prince of Persia. However, as a common movie-goer, I think the movie was really syiok! I enjoyed the movie. I've been disappointed with too many movies (i.e Clash of the Titans), but Prince of Persia really satisfied me. It was fast-paced,never a dull moment. Luckily I never played the game, so I cant compare it with the game. 

Surprisingly, I enjoyed watching Jake Gyllenhaal coz at first I thought he didnt quite fit the role. He is fun to watch, and looks cute, boyish and skilled fighter at the same time.

Masa beratur to get the tickets + Mister Potato, I met with Henry and DarkBatman. Already met Henry during Caught in the Middle preview, but 1st time meeting DarkBatman. Others, sorry-I don't recognize them and viceversa--i just actively blogging early May. 

I'm not really good at camwhoring yet-ahaks..but here are some of the pics.

- sweet Jia Yeen who quickly visit my blog after the movie
- Friendly Henry who nicely asked me to take pic together.
- Chubby Blabberina (moi) who was still awkward n shy (erkk) meeting other Nuffnangers
- Happy Fella who happily interframed this pics. hoho..

wrong spelling-pointed out by Henry

Self-taken with my newest self-indulgence

**no pic with DarkBatman-sogan2 lagi..

Cathay Cineleisure-pleasant experience
Prince of Persia - I love it!
FREE Mister Potato - Loving it to the max!


  1. hi..hehe.. next time bleh amek pic same2..

  2. aii ..... rupanya itu u yang tangkap gambor kat depan i .... :P

  3. Yeah, I was there too with Henry's gang XD

  4. kaizen: mmg rugi..

    darkbatman: kita malu-malu miaww lagi..ahaks

    Jack & Vin: huhu..I'm still new with blog dengan nuffnang. tak kenal bloggers lagi

  5. hahaha... friendly munkey? haha... the one who inter-framed the pic is Jayleo:

    My shirt spelled better PERSIA than the Cathay guys being PERCIA... haha!

    IMHO, the story line was quite nice but it's kinda very expected to me.. also the last part when he jumped after fall badly due to a small stone, quite fake and too much... it's like he was flying.

    Overall, i like his acting n the ending part kinda sweet :)

  6. Henry: the fact that i watched to many crap movies lately,also contributes my over-happiness watching this movie..hehe

    Frankly, i was expecting it to be so-so with sexy, slutty heroine.

  7. my review about POP at my blog...hehee

  8. Wa... Bestnya dapat pegi pegi tengok preview movie ni..

  9. Haha! Wish that I could meet you but I had a friend to send home after the movie... and I was there almost 9.30. LoL!

  10. aa..ok. ada perasan semalam.
    tak berapa kenal bloggers lagi..
    baru 2nd time join event NN ni :)

    salam singgah

  11. So nice..I wanna join too..

  12. yup.. i really njoy da muve wif da rice crisp.. sgt byk.. xabes mkn pun..

  13. nak tgk la movie nie.
    cam best jek promote.

  14. I had fun playing the games long time ago. WOnder if the movie is as good as that... WOuld sure be watching it.

  15. rugi tak dpt pg semlm sbb xde partners..huhuhu..

  16. whoaa... untungnya dapat tengok premier screening....

  17. Now I recognize you =D
    I was there too ;p

  18. AL, Tian Chad, Faizal:i'm still new jugak,that's why ppl dont know pun xkenal org lagi.. =)

    papa: ade baca kalau gamers,mebi rasa xpuas ati.ala,mcm Harry Potter la,ramai xpuas hati

    Heart of Roses,hazman,Jericho,hawa: mmg best sgt!

  19. Jfook,afzan: fun muvi-shd watch yaa

    Nunu: hai hai..kita xdpt nak kenal2 lg semlm

    ainaa: pegi la tgk..rekomended!

    kisah remaja: biasa2 je tu =b

    iena: ruginya tak tau cineleisure

  20. Lucky you ;) me pun dah tengok movie ni tadi..sangat best! hehe. first time visit and drop comment here ;)

  21. tq bantal bucuk..i pun ade bantal bucuk..hehe

  22. wow bestnye!
    i dok srwk susa nk join event2 gni
    malas je nk join cos tau xleh gi

  23. faradeeba: tu la,sib baik kita tgl kat sgr..hehe

    lepat: tq..kena rajin jenguk blog nuffnang ni