Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gila Shopping @ JJ Bukit Tinggi

Gila shopping? Nearby Klang? Go to Jusco Bukit Tinggi for it's J-Card Day!
It's J-Card Day from 12-13 May 2010, and as usual a lot of low price + can redeem voucher for every RM100 purchase.

I dont know when IOI's will be,so decided to just go to Klang. Expecting full parking+over-crowded, but surprisingly a lot of parking was stil available. The crowd was big, but the management controlled it very well with the help of the security guards + LOTS of cashier counters opened. Before this I've went to IOI, Midvalley and OU J-card day, but it was too crowded and had to queue for such a long time to pay/try clothes.

what I bought? not much, just these..

bought Olympus FE-4010 with lots of free gifts. I hope it will not disappoint me. bought it at Rm499.

1 of the free bulb, no battery. just press,press!! i like!!

crystal bracelets i got at 80% off!! I really have to control myself not to buy more..huhu..

and other mundane stuffs that would not interest u guys (my undies for example,HAHAHA!!)

almost 1K bye bye bye from my purse.. huhu


  1. Wanted to buy camera but still haven't got enough money to do so.. :(
    there are lots of things I wanna buy but still haven't have the chance to buy:
    ps2 for my family back home..

    ahh.. I wish I've started working... hehe

    Btw, u jumpa Lisa Surihani?!!!!

  2. yeah,i met all the actors..esok baru nak citer.hehe

  3. penah beli olympus jugak, u1040, hrga rm699 kat pc fair sthun lepas.
    dorang ni memang pemurah, suka bagi free gifts.
    torchlight tu pun ade gak.
    dapat meory card 4gb,another lithium battery, 2 types of tripods, lanyard.

  4. ok..i'll wait for the story tomorrow ;D

  5. Wow, memang gila shopping..

  6. comel crystal bracelet 2...
    nak 1..

  7. mak aih.. beli kamera teros! bole la amek gambar aidi-safuan banyak2 lepas nih. :P

  8. i got some1 frm sabah offerd me to sell crystal bracelet..juz rm10 for each..r u interest??