Thursday, June 6, 2013

ChurpPewPew battle at Galactic Laser

Again, I won a contest from ChurpChurp that makes me 1 of the recruit for #ChurpPewPew laser tag battle at Galactic Laser, Sunway Pyramid. I've never tried paintball or laser tag before, and somehow a bit terrified. Haha! Since I received 2 invitations, I invited 1 of my travel buddy - Zainal, to join in the fun. Coz I know he plays paintball.

All started with registration, ice-breaking and briefing on how to play laser tag. Light refreshments were served too. I step up first on being able to  "ice-break" with 7 Churpers. This entitled me to be part of the 1st team to try the Free Fall session. Ohsem! Oh my, all of us went GILA during the Free Fall session. Shooting maniac!

After that, its time to re-group. I'm in Blue Team aka Rumah Biru. Same team with Rueben Kang (you should know him from the PSY Gentleman parody video with JinnyBoy). What an awesome members we have, all gila-gila one. (Err, never actually met Churpers that is not gila, hehe).

Wallawei, never expected #ChurpPewPew to be this fun! The Blue Team fights hard, but in the end we just managed to secure 2nd place. And Zainal also the #2 Top Shooter. *sigh*. But real proud bringing him along, haha. And I believe at #ChurpPewPew recruits were having a blast!

Oh ya. I also win best #ChurpPewPew moment and walk way with free Photobook upgrade from mini (8" x 6") to a standard size (11" x 8") worth RM100 courtesy of Foto-ZZoom. And everybody received 2 complimentary missions from Galactic Laser!

So thanks again ChurpChurp & Galactic Laser! Willl surely come again to play laser tag with my Geng Jimba Ria!