Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Part-time "Player"

again--my frens called me a "player".just like the old days..i'm used to it,and i knew my frens dont really mean anything with that word =)

but heck,do u think i love being like this? hehehehe..i love being seriously attached with some1 rather than kept on dating here n there..there is nothing more i wanted that tying a know with some1 i love...i kept on dating,flirting here n there--and look where i am right now..25,and still single =b

but,that's not the case now rite? hehee..i'm already 25,not too young nor too i just want to grab the opportunity while being a solo..why shd i missed out the opportunities to meet some1 while still single? i might meet my Mr Right,my soulmate incidently what..ahakss

but like i'm saying..not all of them are BF material..n for sure,none so far is husband material =b but at least i have them to accompany me,calling me..and jimat my money coz tak pyh byr lunch/dinner or tgh muvi..hehehe..ok what?

SMSing till late hour with Lan

i knew some1 new yesterday.he said he was "captivated" by the pic of my smiling face. hahahaha..he asked for my number--i see no harm in doing that.

and he called me after work..and said he'd like to smsing with me..i said no,coz my maxis kong already..and half-jokingly (we wont know what we'll get) i asked him to just top up rm5 for me..and he did so!! hehehe..(see,told ya) so we kept on smsing till the late hour,when i should already sleep around 8.coz damn tired yesterday..

i dunno what we chatted...about manja2,about cooking..abput how he wish he knew me earlier so that he could meet me earlier--coz he's going to spend his holiday till 2jan @ trengganu (family). so only will be able to meet me after that...

he was also the one who introduced me to use voice sms..well,i knew of that feature,but dont really know some1 to use it with.kinda fun.coz he said he love hearing my 1 point,he called me around 11++, which i was already sleepy,and my voice is "sexier" than it usually is... (that's what ppl said) and he was surprised, coz i sound different than the 1st time he called me..ehhehehhe

around 12++, i cant help myself la--but i badly need my sleep.he begged me to stay, thru the nite,but reluctantly agreed later on.said he will call me tomorrow morning..

and yeah--he called me this 7.45!! giler tgh siap nak gi opis,dia dah sampai opis..hehehe..we chatted for few mins..

hmmm,2nite i'm not going to layan him till late nite la.need my sleep..coz tomoroow i'll be out late,and have to drive to KL

3 "dates" this friday..

hmmm,just now ive agreed to meet some1 tomorrow nite--make it the 3rd one!

i already have plans for this coming wknd.and so are most of the guys..hence,meeting tomorrow nite.hmm, and ive agreed to 3 of them.Crazy? No..definitey no..

its like this..1 of the guy,really want to have a date-dinner,muvi n all..but he cant confirmed it yet.2nd guy,got a meeting till late nite at he was thinking of dropping by to Puchong after that--if i'm free..and just now,some1 else call.and said that he would like to meet me tomorrow.and insanely,i said yes! hehehehe

you dont think its possible? here are the possibilities

#1 : Meet the 1st guy and the 3rd guy..the 2nd guy knew i'm already occupied. either meet the 1st guy first,and the 3rd guy latter,or vice versa..

#2 : if the 1st guy cancelled on me, i'll meet both the 2nd and 3rd guy--if possible

#3 : if not possible, i will most probably meet only the 3rd guy

#4 : if the 3rd guy cancel, still have the 2nd guy

#5 : none of the above? hehehe..either lepak with my besfren or just call some1 else to meet me..

hahahahahahahaha..its Friday beb!! i dont want to be stucked in a confined room..

Too many BFs?

Darn you Along..hehehe,she commented that she didnt believe i only have 4 bf..hehehehe..

well,officially,only 4 counted as BF (but i really hope to minus Airy--u know he's such a jerk). the others just fillers maaaa..just guyfrens or date buddies jee...hehehee..xkan la nak bercinta dgn 10 lelaki at 1 time..

mostly,masa tgh solo la i kept on dating..i dont know WHERE those guys kept raining into my life...hehehheeh..but everytime i'm solo again,some1 somewhere will definitely stumbled into it online,wrong number or else..

so now,i'm officially solo again (but not from his side). and now,the routines begin again..for the past few weeks,i kept on dating..and sometimes, 2,3 guys in a day..dont blame me--i only have limited time in have to squeeze all of them in a day or two.and sleep late during weeknd--either to chat, SMSing, or lepaking 2gether2 with them till late hour..

so far,only 3 of them are BF material =b well,i'm not looking for one-but just love to hang around with them for a while..not ready yet to be in love in a haste..

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More Youtubes of NSYNC

more utube links so that i wont have to hassle to find again..hehe

No Strings Attached gak

It Makes Me Ill

I Want U Back

Its Gonna Be Me

Nak Tekel Some1 tapi..

i've been alone for quite a while.when i said alone,means not attached to some1 laa, 4 BFs so far..

#1 - i tekel myself
#2 - he kaw-kaw tekel me,tp turn out to be poyo..i never liked him,just accept him coz frustrated with some1
#3 - my 1st love.and he turs out to be a BIG LIAR!!
#4 - only both of us knew we are a couple ,sighh..but love him dearly

hmmm,pretty pathetic my love story,eh? so u can see that i've never really been i a solid realtionship.none of it lasted for a year..ampeh..

after the last one--kinda kept on dating new guys..esp when i'm in KL.those who are my frens,will understand laa..everytime solo,i'll surely date around..heheheeh

recently,i YMed with some1.some1 i knew about a year ago,but ever really were fren.cant even remember how we get to know each other,but he's definitely on my YM list--yeah,my LONG YM list =b

we chatted.deep in the conversation,i blurted out that i once liked him.and he said "me too". wow!! funny feelings entered me at that moment..giddy like a schoolgirl, can feel blood rushing up-warming my cheek.havent felt that kinda thing since high school..

hmm,but things didnt went really well..he's far east.i'm in central of Malaysia..even handphone didnt seem able to connect us--since he got a problem with his hp (really). and he cant YM from office,not does he is active online (email,frenster etc) to keep us connected..sighh....

so,i dunno if he is for real or not.i do like him,and i dont know if he truly does..even if he is,only some miracle wil make us together.coz he's not really seems the one who will 'chase" the girl.and i'm done chasing guys.hehehe.esp not those with too many excuses--coz i cant figure out either its true or not..i've quit guessing games longgggg time ago--it exhaust me..

so what now? hmmm,ive changed my mind.i will not think of him as possible some1.just fren maybe,but not more than that.feelings without action means nothing to me..

moveeeeeee on !!
ada jodoh.ade la,kan? =)

Cool Moves, Fantastic Songs!

Hahahaha sorry have to bored u with my NSync stories again..and again..

i guessed its a "surpressed memories" hahhahhahahaah..

loved them since form 5--was quite cynical when they turned out after BSB (that's backstreet Boys in case u dont knwo), which turn put to be just pretty faces,but cant really sings live..

so,when i 1st saw Nsync perform live--gosh!! love at 1st moves, never falter and still sings greatly..uhuhuhuhu..cant help myself falling in love more and more with them..especially JC dearie.. =b

ok,i'm gonna stop bout NSync stories for a while.coz ive got other things to tell...

Old Memories with NSync first writing in frenster..nah,this isnt going to be my private diary,just some words from time to time--if i have the time,n things to tell

what make me write in here? i've my other blogs -which i dont really update frequently..hehehe

the thing is,i was surfing the net.and went into youtube to search some videos..and came across--NSYNC!! my most beloved group once upon a time (still is!). when i stumbled upon the videos,i kept remembering their Madison Square Garden concert--which is by far the BEST ever!! ive lost the CD in a fire--sigh..

so now,i'm just watching them from youtube..Ahhhh,such memories..brings me back to UTP's life..blok Metana, my CD was passed around almost the whole i kept watching it too many times ..

and speaking of which,it remind me of some1..some1 whom i said have a resemblance with JC (only both of us knew,i guess) that's old story,but can stop me reminiscing that moment..

Mmmuuaapah to NSYNC!!

some NSync Vids

links to some of the Vids i'm watching currently..
hmmmm,where can i find their Madison Square Garden CD againnnnnn...

No Strings Attached

Digital Get Down


I Want U Back