Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cool Moves, Fantastic Songs!

Hahahaha guys..so sorry have to bored u with my NSync stories again..and again..

i guessed its a "surpressed memories" hahhahhahahaah..

loved them since form 5--was quite cynical when they turned out after BSB (that's backstreet Boys in case u dont knwo), which turn put to be just pretty faces,but cant really sings live..

so,when i 1st saw Nsync perform live--gosh!! love at 1st sight..cool moves, never falter and still sings greatly..uhuhuhuhu..cant help myself falling in love more and more with them..especially JC dearie.. =b

ok,i'm gonna stop bout NSync stories for a while.coz ive got other things to tell...


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