Monday, May 24, 2010


I got 2 tix, but my bf can't tag along. So, offered it at my post:

My offer will end today at 11:59pm. After that, I'll invite my friend or any of my sibling to accompany me.

Kalau malu or segan,its ok. i can't help you. I dont have to pujuk2. I offer seriously..But none really want the ticket seriously. sob..sob..

I live in Puchong. So I'm looking for a ride. Doesn't matter where u live, as long as  Puchong is not too far for u. Coz I'll feel guilty if u live in Klang n want to pick n send me home! not worth the ticket,right?

Hoho..kenapa aku mcm tetiba emo ni? Now I'm hating my bf for not being able to come, hating myself coz don't want to drive alone to Damansara and my real frens coz most of them are married n not living nearby.


  1. hahaha.. kesiannya..

    leh ke nk balik dr egypt semata2 nak ticket tu? hihi :P

  2. bro dr morocco silap2 smpi dulu..

  3. adam nun jauh kat kangar..gamaknya ramai bloggers masuk my blog ni luar liputan selangor kot..or semua nya mng tiket POP nih..hehe

  4. if im in KL then i might consider lah.. lol.. if cant, just find a personal friend =)

  5. Woot didnt saw this "emo" post earlier. I guess I am free that night =D

    add me on msn/facebook tianchad86[at] we can arrange the meet up time =D

  6. alamak tianchad. so sorry,my fren already grabbed the tix thru FB. thx yaa..u want toy story marathon tix?