Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Part-time "Player"

again--my frens called me a "player".just like the old days..i'm used to it,and i knew my frens dont really mean anything with that word =)

but heck,do u think i love being like this? hehehehe..i love being seriously attached with some1 rather than kept on dating here n there..there is nothing more i wanted that tying a know with some1 i love...i kept on dating,flirting here n there--and look where i am right now..25,and still single =b

but,that's not the case now rite? hehee..i'm already 25,not too young nor too i just want to grab the opportunity while being a solo..why shd i missed out the opportunities to meet some1 while still single? i might meet my Mr Right,my soulmate incidently what..ahakss

but like i'm saying..not all of them are BF material..n for sure,none so far is husband material =b but at least i have them to accompany me,calling me..and jimat my money coz tak pyh byr lunch/dinner or tgh muvi..hehehe..ok what?

SMSing till late hour with Lan

i knew some1 new yesterday.he said he was "captivated" by the pic of my smiling face. hahahaha..he asked for my number--i see no harm in doing that.

and he called me after work..and said he'd like to smsing with me..i said no,coz my maxis kong already..and half-jokingly (we wont know what we'll get) i asked him to just top up rm5 for me..and he did so!! hehehe..(see,told ya) so we kept on smsing till the late hour,when i should already sleep around 8.coz damn tired yesterday..

i dunno what we chatted...about manja2,about cooking..abput how he wish he knew me earlier so that he could meet me earlier--coz he's going to spend his holiday till 2jan @ trengganu (family). so only will be able to meet me after that...

he was also the one who introduced me to use voice sms..well,i knew of that feature,but dont really know some1 to use it with.kinda fun.coz he said he love hearing my 1 point,he called me around 11++, which i was already sleepy,and my voice is "sexier" than it usually is... (that's what ppl said) and he was surprised, coz i sound different than the 1st time he called me..ehhehehhe

around 12++, i cant help myself la--but i badly need my sleep.he begged me to stay, thru the nite,but reluctantly agreed later on.said he will call me tomorrow morning..

and yeah--he called me this 7.45!! giler tgh siap nak gi opis,dia dah sampai opis..hehehe..we chatted for few mins..

hmmm,2nite i'm not going to layan him till late nite la.need my sleep..coz tomoroow i'll be out late,and have to drive to KL

3 "dates" this friday..

hmmm,just now ive agreed to meet some1 tomorrow nite--make it the 3rd one!

i already have plans for this coming wknd.and so are most of the guys..hence,meeting tomorrow nite.hmm, and ive agreed to 3 of them.Crazy? No..definitey no..

its like this..1 of the guy,really want to have a date-dinner,muvi n all..but he cant confirmed it yet.2nd guy,got a meeting till late nite at he was thinking of dropping by to Puchong after that--if i'm free..and just now,some1 else call.and said that he would like to meet me tomorrow.and insanely,i said yes! hehehehe

you dont think its possible? here are the possibilities

#1 : Meet the 1st guy and the 3rd guy..the 2nd guy knew i'm already occupied. either meet the 1st guy first,and the 3rd guy latter,or vice versa..

#2 : if the 1st guy cancelled on me, i'll meet both the 2nd and 3rd guy--if possible

#3 : if not possible, i will most probably meet only the 3rd guy

#4 : if the 3rd guy cancel, still have the 2nd guy

#5 : none of the above? hehehe..either lepak with my besfren or just call some1 else to meet me..

hahahahahahahaha..its Friday beb!! i dont want to be stucked in a confined room..

Too many BFs?

Darn you Along..hehehe,she commented that she didnt believe i only have 4 bf..hehehehe..

well,officially,only 4 counted as BF (but i really hope to minus Airy--u know he's such a jerk). the others just fillers maaaa..just guyfrens or date buddies jee...hehehee..xkan la nak bercinta dgn 10 lelaki at 1 time..

mostly,masa tgh solo la i kept on dating..i dont know WHERE those guys kept raining into my life...hehehheeh..but everytime i'm solo again,some1 somewhere will definitely stumbled into it online,wrong number or else..

so now,i'm officially solo again (but not from his side). and now,the routines begin again..for the past few weeks,i kept on dating..and sometimes, 2,3 guys in a day..dont blame me--i only have limited time in have to squeeze all of them in a day or two.and sleep late during weeknd--either to chat, SMSing, or lepaking 2gether2 with them till late hour..

so far,only 3 of them are BF material =b well,i'm not looking for one-but just love to hang around with them for a while..not ready yet to be in love in a haste..

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More Youtubes of NSYNC

more utube links so that i wont have to hassle to find again..hehe

No Strings Attached gak

It Makes Me Ill

I Want U Back

Its Gonna Be Me

Nak Tekel Some1 tapi..

i've been alone for quite a while.when i said alone,means not attached to some1 laa, 4 BFs so far..

#1 - i tekel myself
#2 - he kaw-kaw tekel me,tp turn out to be poyo..i never liked him,just accept him coz frustrated with some1
#3 - my 1st love.and he turs out to be a BIG LIAR!!
#4 - only both of us knew we are a couple ,sighh..but love him dearly

hmmm,pretty pathetic my love story,eh? so u can see that i've never really been i a solid realtionship.none of it lasted for a year..ampeh..

after the last one--kinda kept on dating new guys..esp when i'm in KL.those who are my frens,will understand laa..everytime solo,i'll surely date around..heheheeh

recently,i YMed with some1.some1 i knew about a year ago,but ever really were fren.cant even remember how we get to know each other,but he's definitely on my YM list--yeah,my LONG YM list =b

we chatted.deep in the conversation,i blurted out that i once liked him.and he said "me too". wow!! funny feelings entered me at that moment..giddy like a schoolgirl, can feel blood rushing up-warming my cheek.havent felt that kinda thing since high school..

hmm,but things didnt went really well..he's far east.i'm in central of Malaysia..even handphone didnt seem able to connect us--since he got a problem with his hp (really). and he cant YM from office,not does he is active online (email,frenster etc) to keep us connected..sighh....

so,i dunno if he is for real or not.i do like him,and i dont know if he truly does..even if he is,only some miracle wil make us together.coz he's not really seems the one who will 'chase" the girl.and i'm done chasing guys.hehehe.esp not those with too many excuses--coz i cant figure out either its true or not..i've quit guessing games longgggg time ago--it exhaust me..

so what now? hmmm,ive changed my mind.i will not think of him as possible some1.just fren maybe,but not more than that.feelings without action means nothing to me..

moveeeeeee on !!
ada jodoh.ade la,kan? =)

Cool Moves, Fantastic Songs!

Hahahaha sorry have to bored u with my NSync stories again..and again..

i guessed its a "surpressed memories" hahhahhahahaah..

loved them since form 5--was quite cynical when they turned out after BSB (that's backstreet Boys in case u dont knwo), which turn put to be just pretty faces,but cant really sings live..

so,when i 1st saw Nsync perform live--gosh!! love at 1st moves, never falter and still sings greatly..uhuhuhuhu..cant help myself falling in love more and more with them..especially JC dearie.. =b

ok,i'm gonna stop bout NSync stories for a while.coz ive got other things to tell...

Old Memories with NSync first writing in frenster..nah,this isnt going to be my private diary,just some words from time to time--if i have the time,n things to tell

what make me write in here? i've my other blogs -which i dont really update frequently..hehehe

the thing is,i was surfing the net.and went into youtube to search some videos..and came across--NSYNC!! my most beloved group once upon a time (still is!). when i stumbled upon the videos,i kept remembering their Madison Square Garden concert--which is by far the BEST ever!! ive lost the CD in a fire--sigh..

so now,i'm just watching them from youtube..Ahhhh,such memories..brings me back to UTP's life..blok Metana, my CD was passed around almost the whole i kept watching it too many times ..

and speaking of which,it remind me of some1..some1 whom i said have a resemblance with JC (only both of us knew,i guess) that's old story,but can stop me reminiscing that moment..

Mmmuuaapah to NSYNC!!

some NSync Vids

links to some of the Vids i'm watching currently..
hmmmm,where can i find their Madison Square Garden CD againnnnnn...

No Strings Attached

Digital Get Down


I Want U Back

Sunday, October 1, 2006

~ Ayat skema Artis Malaysia ~

i summarized this from forum

the most overly-used words by artis2 malaysia:

"album ni hadiah untuk peminat"
"Saya terpikat kerana sikap kasih sayangnya terhadap anak-anak"
"Kami sekadar berkawan saja"
" Kami dah takde jodoh.." --> klu bercerai
jeslina kata dia pakai baju seksi2 dedah2 kerana malaysia ni panas ..ampagas..
" tercalon sampai ke peringkat ni pun satu anugerah buat saya"
"Saya masih solo lagi, nk tumpukan perhatian pada karier seni saya, mana ada masa utk bercinta"
" saya x sangka menang, calon2 lain semua hebat2 belaka"

"Alhamdulillah saya lulus PMR" - Elyana (lulus je ??)

"Siti bersyukur sangat sebab dapat pangkat dua dalam SPM. Bahasa Melayu Siti dapat A," - Siti

"Saya menyanyi nak bantu keluarga (tu yang saye pakai seksi2..)" - Nurshella

"Sejak menunaikan haji, jiwa saya lebih tenteram," - Hajjah Deja Moss.

"Jangan ingat saya menumpang populariti kakak saya sebab saya percaya pada bakat yang saya ada, " - Saerah (chet pooorahhhh!!)

" Kak Nita tak pakai tudung lagi sebab belum sampai seru"

"Pada mulanya Amani keberatan melakonkan baju kemban, tapi Amani bersetuju bila krew2 cakap itu hanya lakonan saja"

"Syura sanggup tolak tawaran belajar di UiTM dan menyanyi untuk bantu keluarga.... "

"Siti kagum terhadap kasih sayang yg ditunjukkan kepada anak2nya"

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

** My Heart-lagu syahdu **

a sad ,love song..i plan to watch it, but stil havent manage to find it..
some ppl said that this movie seems like KuchKuchHotaHai.. very melancholic..

here is the u-tube for u to watch: Myheart (YouTube)
download it here: Myheart.avi

and here is for dealova : YouTube Dealova(Once)

My Heart

Di sini kau dan aku terbiasa bersama
menjalani kasih sayang bahagia ku denganmu

Pernahkah kau menguntai hari paling indah
ku ukir nama kita berdua di sini surga kita

Bila kita mencintai yang lain

mungkinkah hati ini akan tegar
Sebisa mungkin tak akan pernah
sayangku akan hilang

If we love somebody could we be this strong
i will fight to win our love will conquer all
i wouldnt risk my love..even just one night
our love will stay in my heart
My heart...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

** celebrating my birthday -with Sha**

finally--we have time together.
just pegi Jusco Equine..abang dah bgtau,katanya dia dah plan nak bg sumthing utk aku sempena birthday..

rupanya dia nak banje kek..mula2 dia nak beli 1 whole cake--and i said no. xyah la membazir beli sebiji kek..aku ckp,baik mkn kat secret recipe je..kami pun xpenah lg dating2 kat secret recipe.. tp , i was so touched by his gesture..i cried depan kedai kek tu--cisss..memalukan sungguh.cant control it laa..

dear all--I REALLY LOVE HIM. sayangnya,kami takde jodoh..

Friday, September 15, 2006

** (un)Happy Birthday to me!! **

Happy birthday to myself..
thanx to my sis--for being the first to wish me..
and my first love. for being the second..kinda surprised he remembered..
my family pun wish me later on..but i'm not in the mood to celebrate it at home..stayed at my fren's house in Puchong..

and my dearest bestfren--rafiqa..never failing to wish you my dear!

the sweetest wish ive ever had in my life:
abang nak ucapkan slmt hari lahir ika..sori la mlm td xleh wish sbb krdit xde..hepi bestday ika syg..lov u so much,emmmmuuahhh

and anip lupa..not a surprise though..

birthday present? none whatsoever..

Sunday, August 27, 2006

~~ Moments yg best2 kat Kuantan ~~

1. Jumpa MH --kecik2 cili padi rupanya ..
2. Obito dan Armourz teruk kena usik2 mcm pengantin..nasib ler.. =b
3. sayang2u x sanggup nak pekenalkan diri ..muehehehee
4. deale30 dipanggil macam2 : da-e-la, deal, dealer ..
5. m4tju mula2 lama2, dah warm up bising2 sket..klu tak aku gerun nak tegur..
6. BK datang.. agak kontroversi gak kedatangannya..aku--no komen.
7. kodoks78 datang gak, wlu wife patut due anak ke2 depa hari tu..giler ahh bai.. =)
8. shahbatista mmg mulut kecoh..muka mmg crook tu.
9. zaimey pun mulut bleh tahan gak..mmg ramah sungguh orangnya..
10. areryp cian kena usik dgn aku..sopan tul budak ni.nak je aku riki2 kan jadik adik ipar =b
11. format mmg young at heart laa..rockers stylo tuh..dgn rambutnya..pergh!
12. entahler pun diperkotak-katikkan nick dia.. "ni anak sape nie?" ujar format.."entahler....." thihihhihi..

gambo2 kat kuantan:

** Jalanjalan ::Kuantan yg best **

tadi,kronologi nak citer plak hal2 yg terjadik sepanjang hari tu =)

pergi: keta aku ,shah dan sayang2u gilir2 drive. keta deale,dia gilir2 drive dgn entahler.
jauh perjalanan--mcm2 isu disebut dan dibincang..psl fxg,fx, PS, PSPro, bisnes dll..hehehehe..

sampai KUKTEM: org yg paling rock+rugged aku nampak--> bro format!! ekekekeke. rambut ikal2 tu..dan jumpa zaimeyzakaria yg iras2 bob azrai . obito dtg lepas tu patah balik amik areryp dgn armourzz..obito, areryp & armourzz memasing student KUKTEM.. dan enhem..enhem..rupanya,ade kapel tuh..thihihihi..

bila kat Gading tuh,kami lunch..bro format xmo mkn--sbb jaga perut nak snook katanya =b big boss--MightyHitter datang kendian sket.. MH pun tersasar dr jangkaan ku--> mebi aku igt dia ala2 ahli gusti nyer badan kot..rupanya2 biasa2 je orangnyer =)

pastu,aku merasa la naik keta MH..4 keta gerak ke Megamall.smpai megamall, trus gi pada 3 table.mmg port cantek laa.ngam2 je 3 meja..ngam2 je ahli yg dtg.

senarai yg dtg main:
deale30.. shahbatista..entahler..sayang2u..MightyHitter..Obito..formattedsolution..m4tju..zaimeyzakaria..

senarai dtg tengok:
kasha..areryp..armourz..kodoks78..rumpun ilham..BrownKnight..

mmg syiok laa..wlupun aku tak main+tak paham sepatah haram pun, tp syok tgk masing2 gelak2..wlu mcm tak ramai, tp rasa mcm 20-30 org je ade masa tu..mmg M.E.R.I.A.H!!

masing2 mmg terer snooker tu..cuma nasib je menyebelahi pemenang..mostly,mmg regular main pun di waktu lapang..ehehehe

Juara : Entahler..
Naib Juara: Formatted
3rd Place : MH
4th Place : Deale (si lauk rendang kunun2nya)

byk gambo yg aku amik(guna dgcam deale). si obito pun ade amik dgn dgcam dia..
aku plak jadik penyampai hadiah dgn armourz..

lps tu,gi Tanjung Lumpur--ujan bila kitorg kuar..
bro zaimey jemput aku pilihkan makanan--mekasihhh sesgt lyn kami baik..
kami pilih ikan aji2 bakar petai..sotong msk pedas.lala masak masan manis.tomyam campur. sup cendawan..sayur campur.. perghh!! mmg meleleh air liur ..dan perut mmg kenyang..

terkedu aku masa bro zaimey bayar.xtau la niat mmg nak banjer semua org,or niat nak collect duit tak,apapun,mintak halal ye..terharu kami dgn sambutan org pahang..insyaallah,nnti kami nyambut kat KL plak =)

balik KL--mmg aku gagahkan mata gak temankan entahler..cian dia klu drive sorang2..shah tdo.syang pun tdo..ade time2,depa bgun gak,tp aku mmg celikkan je mata.

smpai je puchong--mmg trus tdo..dlm kul 3pg kot..adoii..penat..kul 9pg terjaga--sambung tdo balik..kul 2 terjaga,baru tertdo balik kul 5 kot..eheheh..nak maghrib baru la bgn ..pnt tul badan..

mlm tu,aku+shah+momok saje2 kuar mkn ..jumpa kat Shah Alam.mkn kat Sup Ani Utara..mmg sedap!! xleh kuar lama2,sbb aku plan nak balik sabak awal pg senin..uhuhuhhu..

** Nogold Snooker Championship!! :: Kronologi.. **

Wallawehhh!! sronotttnyerrr gi kuantan!! walaupun bukan peserta+penat, tp mmg best jln2 gi kuantan.. mcm time zaman2 dgn dulu--gather+konvoi ke sana sini =)

ok, ni kronologi perjalanan ke Kuantan (timing lebih kurang je,aku x ingat betul2):

26ogos 2006
7:00 pg: Shah amik aku kat Puchong
8:00 pg: Kami amik sayang2u kat Shell sblm tol Gombak .deale plak amik entahler kat damansara.
9:15 pg : kami minum2 kat Genting Sempah
12:30 tgh : sampai Kuktem..jumpa 4matted+zaimey+obito+armourzz+areryep kat situ..
1:00 tgh : lunch kat Gading Jaya (ye ke nama tmpat nie?) bro 4matted banjer--yummy!! mmg sedap mknan situ..MH pun dtg situ..
2:00 tgh : ramai2 kami smpai kat Megamall tu..uhuhuhu..tukar baju ,start game.amik2 gambo.
7:00 ptg : game abiss..
8:30 mlm : mkn kat tanjung lumpur.. alhamdulillah, dibelanja lagi.. mekasih to zaimeyzakaria--sudi lyn kami semua..
10:00 mlm: aku +shah+ entahler +sayang2u gerak ke KL. deale gerak ke Trg.

27ogos 2006
1:00 pg : sampai shell kat tol gombak..sayang2u park keta kat situ--gegas balik ke PD.
2:00 pg: entahler sampai kat damansara. trus gerak ke tnjg malim plak..aku dan shah gerak ke puchong
2:30 pg : aku slamat sampai puchong..mekasih shah..

** The nite before pegi Kuantan **

aku sampai je Puchong ari jumaat, trus lepak kat IOI puchong.. shahbatista ade few hal nak ke sana sini..dlm kul 5pm dia dtg amik aku,time tu ujan lebat..dia sms aku sblm sampai "Surprise, cousin aku ade skali.." ekekeke..rupanya si sundelbolong tu cousin dia..

disebabkan ujan,kami pergi plak ke Jusco Equine park.masa tu aku call/sms delae30.sbb kunun2 nka men bowling sudahnya gi JJ equine tu je..depa temankan aku shoping2 sket,then kuar mkn kat kedai mamak area2 situ..mkn2 dlm kul 9pm..patutnya nak gi myviclub nyer TT session, tp sbb ujan,mls la nak gi kepong tu..

disebabkan kensel gi Kepong, trus aku kata--jom bowling.ahakss!! disahut dgn penuh jayanya oleh mereka shah kat IOI full sbb ade, kami gi Endah Parade Sri Petaling.. aku tringat plak kat tennoajak, so call dia.ajak dia..dia baru jee sampai umah masa tu,so,dia mandi2 dulu la katanya..dan deale kata galacticos2u pun nak dtg..hehehe..

so,dlm kul 10pm kami smpai endah parade tu--tp bowling,sambil2 tgu release, depa yg lain main snooker dulu kat seblah..1st time kau masuk pusat snooker sehhh..

yg main snooker masa tu: deale+shah+sundel..
galacticos dtg kendian dgn wife..saje2 jumpa je..
tennoajak smpai dlm kul 11 lebih--xsempat tembung dgn galacticos

dlm kul 11.30 baru dpt free,kami ber5 main 2 lanes.crosslane.
perghh! maut si ajak main--lebih 150++ ..
depa dok buli aku,uhuhhuhuhu..xleh concentrate main sbb depa dok main tenggek2 punggong..ahahaha..dok menonggek je..mmg xtahan gelak aku gaya depa baling bola..thihihihi

si deale mmg dah improve giler membowling --sejak last jmpa dia kat alamanda ler..hihihihi..
2nd game: mmg klako laa.. deale+shah+sundel sama2 high score 139!! aku dgn ajak average dlm 100 je..uhuhuhu..

lps tu,dlm kul 1-gi minum lg kat area2 situ..serak suara aku mlm tu.uhuhuhhu..

tp mmg best la bowling itu

Monday, August 21, 2006

:: " Bila nak kawen? Dah ada sapa2 ke? " ::

alhamdulillah..sepupu aku dah slamat nikah+kenduri pd 18-20 ogos bebaru ni kat perak..

aduhaiiii..aku plak yg jadik sasaran pakcik makcik bertanya "bila lagi?" hehehehee.. sbb aku ni cucu sulung,dah 2 spupu pompuan yg dah kawin. si Ain dah ade anak lebih setahun pun. ni si Fairus plak.adik Fairus, Fatin plak nikah insyaallah June thn depan. tunang setahun..

mmg aku abis kena interview..mau plak sbb masa Pak Ngah meninggal hari tu Sha ikut skali--depa dok tanya la tu ke bf aku? bila aku ckp kawan, depa tanya plak, "dah ade sape2 ke ? takkan la xde pakwe lagi? "

erk,terkedu gue..mmg depa sibuk tanya bila aku nak kawen..uhuhuhuhu..

mlm tu,ms majlis potong kek dgn bukak hadiah, Pak Teh aku dok seblah..dia plak amik turn tanya soklan yg sama..pastu dia tanya umo aku berapa..bila aku ckp "25 tahun", aku rasa dia kira2 dlm kepala dia kot..sbb lepas tu dia tanya "klu Pak Teh kenalkan kawan Pak Teh nak?"

perghhh!! tu mesti dia dok kira2 jarak umo aku dgn kwn dia..heheheh..dia kata kwn dia Civil Engineer..keja kat Sg Besar gak..mebi geng Engr TNB pakcik aku tu or kwn2 dia ms stadi dulu,aku trget,msti dlm 30 and above laa..

dan aku menolak--wajarkah? hehehe..dunno la..xtaula aku klu engineer tu hensem,ekekekeke..

bila aku nak kawen? of cos la bila some1 pinang aku =b

:: Kasha || Kasyah (Bad Boys?) ::

ini adalah rentetan membaca buku Lagenda Budak Setan tu..

aku tak tahu kenapa aku suka sgt dgn nama Kasyah tuh..
nick aku "kasha" is short form from my nick "ikashaznurul". dan mmg kebetulan plak la bila dipendekkan jadik "Kasha". mebi sbb tu jugak,aku mudah "suka" pada org yg ade nama "shah". pulak tu sorang kwn forum aku namanya "Hakshah".. perghhh, berdegar jantung aku tgk nama dia ..hehehehe

plak tu,aku senirik mmg mudah tertarik dgn bad boys laa..i dunno..mebi ade tarikan kot orang2 mcm ni..
wlu depa ala2 jahat,tp mostly yg aku kenal hati baik..dan treat me good,respect me as women--banding guys yg nampak sopan+kemas+baik2..hehehe (no offense ekkk)

ayat kasar,tp hati baik..aku xtau nape mudah cair dgn org macam ni.. mau plak aku mmg slesa bkawan dgn lelaki dr ppuan,dan aku suka org yg jujur dan terus terang kot..ayat depa mmg kasar,tp at least bukan bermuka2..tu pasal kot aku slesa dgn depa..dan surprisingly, selamat.. =)

mcm karakter Kasyah gak--aku slalu kenal org yg dulu2 mmg jahat/nakal masa skola..but bila dah injak umo 25++, dah berubah jd org yg responsible..slalu org mcm ni mmg best--sbb depa dah rasa jadik jahat..dan insap,ekekekeke

++ Lagenda Budah Setan ++

mcmne la aku leh terbaca lak buka "Lagenda Budak Setan" --Ahadiat Akashah semlm..

tu la novel yg ngetop masa zaman2 skola menengah dulu..dia la yg wat revolutionary kat arena novel2 remaja mesia nie..lps tu,dah melambak je buku ala2 Ahadiat nie..

aku igtkan buku tu seronok dibaca sbb dulu gue teenagers..ciss,rupanya tidak..
smlm bila aku baca, perasaan aku leh terbuai..feelings sehhhh..
menitik gak ler airmata "jantan" ku..ekekeke.
ni kali kedua airmata aku menitik dlm bulan nie...--sekali masa tgk citer Click aritu

giler ahh buku dia nie..berhantu betul laa..
tu psl ms skola dulu aku stop baca buku2 camni--seriyes layan blues,dan jiwang memanjang klu dok ngadap buku2 mcmni..dan membuatkan ppuan dok mengharapkan lelaki2 melayu kat Mesia nie menjadi seromantik karakter dlm buku--chaittt!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

~ Last Flight Out ~

During lunch break, i watched Ntv7--English Hits Songs..
and this song came out--i really love it.popular yearrrrrs ago..sweet one =)


I'm so scared that you will see
All the weakness inside of me
I'm so scared of letting go
That the pain I've hid will show (oh)

I know you want to hear me speak
But I'm afraid that if I start to
I'll never stop

I want you to know you belong in my life
I love the hope I see in your eyes
For you I would fly, at least I would try
For you I'll take the last flight out

I'm afraid that you will leave
As my secrets have been revealed (oh)
In my dreams you'll always stay (you'll always stay)
Ev'ry breathing moment from now (oh, oh)

I know you want to hear me speak (I know, yeah)
But I'm afraid that if I start to
I'll never stop

[Repeat chorus]

I cannot hold back the truth no more
I let you wait too long (wait too long)
Although it's hard and scares me so
A life without you scares me more
Scares me more...oh, oh

La, la, la...
The last flight out
For you I would fly, at least I would try (yeah, baby, yeah)
For you I'll take the last flight out
(Oh, I would take the last flight out)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

** Vehicle Detailing--Gleam ur Light colored Car! **

credits to kenneth from


1) 1st rinse ur car with running water. Proper way to do it is not to spray but to use the water's own weight to rinse off particles and sediments on ur car body that has accumulated since ur last wash (especially these days with the haze).
2) Shampoo ur car (don`t care about brand)
3) Rinse again and dry car with a microfibre cloth (which can be found anywhere)
4) Use a clay bar (a soap like bar that picks up dirt like magnet and gives ur paint job smoothness that`s like baby skin). Once the clay bar is dirty, just fold it within itself like a plastercine and continue wiping with it. U need not use force to wipe ur car with it. DO NOT DROP IT ON THE GROUND! If dropped, it would pick up sand and scratch ur paint if u use it. When the bar is dirty, use it to clean ur rims. Clay bars can be found in certain shops but I go for the Soft99 Clay bar which could be found in Brothers.
5) Use a liquid cleaner & polish to further remove any dirt that`s been missed. Buff off cleaner with another microfibre (do not use the same cloth for everything)
6) Apply sealants with sponge or microfibre and buff off with another cloth panel by panel. Let`s see, u should have .... front side door x 2, back side door x 2, roof x 1, bonnet x 1, boot x 1, bumper (Front & Back) x 2, side skirtings (if any) x 4.

That`s it! U`re done. So how many microfibre were used?
1) Shampoo
2) Dry car
3) Cleaner
4) Buff cleaner
5) Sealants
6) Buff Sealants

A total of 6 pieces of microfiber. Clean thoroughly after use and hang to dry.

Sealants have a curing time (the time for it to reach a stable form). For Klasse, it is recommended to wait 24hours before applying another layer. For ur next layer, just wash and apply sealant (no need claying and cleaning). If it looks like it`s gonna rain, forget about doing any detailing to ur car. During curing time, there should not be any water contact.

I`m gonna do a couple of layers before waxing. Waxing would seal the sealants in (I know, it sounds weird that wax is seal and sealants isn`t. I got confused the 1st time I heard it too). Keep in mind that not all waxes work with any sealants. Best to do some research before u decide which brand of wax to use.

A little off topic: For windscreens, I don`t put anything anything in the wiper water tank. I`ve used the Soft99 windscreen cleaner (bought in Eneos 1 Utama) that resembles a fat torchlight. I`ve heard this is the only brand that does not produce a juddering effect when ur wiper runs across the windscreen.
i may try using PermaGlass 1st. and later on, buy the Klasse product

Sunday, August 13, 2006

** The Click --A Reflective movie **

What would you do if u have a remote control than can control the universe?

What a GOOD movie!!

Seriously--go and watch this film if u havent seen it yet

If you expected to be laughing all the way--u'll be disappointed though..yeah, u will get a good laugh in the 1st half of the story..

but later on, u will see how family is such an important part of our life..and u know what-i CRIED!! till the last moment of the story, i'm still engaged with the film.. its been a long time ago ive seen movies that could "moved" me

i really love this movie!

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

** Giant,Monsters & Superhero **


Just wanna share bout my all-time favourite muvies:

love the 1st one ..
but Shrek2 was a hilarious one with the "kitty eyes"
i'm laughing my heart outs seeing those gleaming ,watery eyes.. =b

Monsters Inc

Kinda a sad one for me..

Boo is so cute..and this story is engaging coz it related to
human life too.

The Incredibles
Really looking forward to its sequel..
hope,it wont disappoint the fans.
Jack Jack power is yet to be known