Tuesday, October 5, 2010

RM1 Whopper!! Only for TODAY!

Yeah, I know. Lama tak online, lama tak update. Streamyx problem, still waiting for it to settle  =(
But today, curi masa gak untuk online utk kabarkan berita GUMBIRA to those who loveeeeee WHOPPER by Burger King.

Just for today (6 Oct 2010), YOU can get a WHOPPER for just RM1! 
The big Whopper yaa, not the Jr or the Black Pepper. There is only 1 small condition though...

Must buy a carbonated drink to be entitled to buy the yummy RM1 Whopper . So, total will be RM4 ++ for a medium drink and a Whopper. 

Word of advice: if you plan to buy a lot, make sure you ask for medium drink. Else, the crew will usually recommend or straight away punch large drink-without even asking you.

As you can see on the above page, I bought 9 Whopper today for my family. Mula2 my bro kata tak halal, but I've checked with the halal directory www.halal.gov.my.  Memang daging2 Burger King halal. Lepas confirm je, terusssss my mom soh bli banyak. Petang ni mebi beli lagi kat IOI pulak with my cik abang. hehe

For my family, 1st time tahu ader Burger King kat Klang. nasib baik dekat rumah, tapi lokasi dekat stesen minyak yang agak terpencil sbb kwsn perumahan. Yang tak bagusnya BK Klang ni, depa tak promo pulak Burger ni dekat depan kedai. If I'm the manager, I'll put the paper ads depan kedai & dekat kaunter banyak2. The only ads I saw, is Black & White yang diorang tampal dekat kaunter bayar Shell. Most of the customer kena tanya betul ke ada promo tu..