Saturday, January 31, 2009

Off to PLKN @ NS

I'm going to serve National Service aka PLKN.

Not as "wira" or "wirawati", but as "Cikgu"..

I'm attached to Kem PLKN Jugra,Banting as Facilitator for Modul Kenegaraan. This is my 3rd time doing it, but I'm still nervous.
Teenagers are really not an easy group to handle..
But the pay for 1 week job is really good!
(if u want to know how to apply for next session, go here:
Apply PLKN Instructor )

I'll be offline for 1 week then..huhu.

I go Shopping, and get RM120!

This week is my "Ez Money" week

Another Researcher smsed yesterday,asking to join his survey on shopper. Previously I joined his Accompanied Shopper end of last year.

So token for this shopping survey is RM120!! all i've to do is 1 hour video interview at my hse,then 1 hour shopping. Nice eh?

Yesterday also got a call from Metrix Research,the one I went for coffee survey. Asking for me to be a respondent laa..but unfortunately they're looking for married female..

but still,now I know,my name already in few Researchers' list. They'll call me,if any slots suitable for me..

Friday, January 30, 2009

20mins, and paid RM40!

RM40 might not be much. but getting it for just stating ur opinions, i think is ez money..hehe

Just now I went to TNS for smoker survey. Just 20 mins of giving opinions on future packaging,no problemo..

Actually, I'm actively seeking for Focus Group Discussion (FGD) or other type of surveys. You can view it in my other Blog: JalanJalan-CariKerja

So for those who want to join the survey,can leave comment here, or view here: Female Smokers

And if any of u know bout more surveys,can share with me oso..I love money!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ilham Anas, lelaki kelahiran Bandung pada 25 Januari 1974, Indonesia yang mirip dengan presiden terpilih us Barack Obama, kini mendadak menjadi kaya raya. Dia kini menjadi model iklan oleh produk farmasi asal Filipina!

"Ketika Obama menang, rakan-rakan saya membuat kejutan. Mereka memakaikan saya dengan pakaian mirip Obama.Foto itu tersebar sangat cepat di internet.

Kemudian stesen tv dan sebuah agensi iklan menghubungi saya,"

Dia seterunya menandatangani kontrak untuk membintangi iklan produk farmasi Filipina. Dalam iklan itu, dia memegang watak sebagai Obama,

"Saya tidak pernah berpikir bisa menjadi bintang dalam sebuah iklan. Kemudian hal ini terjadi," ujarnya.

Ilham bercerita, "Saat saya transit di Malaysia, seorang lelaki mendekati saya. Dia bertanya, apakah anda Barack Obama? Saya sangat terkejut ketika dia yang beriaya-iaya meminta untuk berfoto bersama dan membelikan saya makanan," kata Ilham sambil tersenyum.

Dalam iklan itu dikisahkan, Presiden Gloria Macapagal Arroyo sedang menjamu "Presiden Obama". Namun jamuan itu malah membuat Obama sakit perut.

Sumber : Harian "Nonstop" edisi 19 Januari 2009

credit to for sharing in the forum

Sunday, January 11, 2009

La..La..La..La @ GreenBox

This is an outdated entry actually.
Me and CikAbang went to Greenbox Bukit Tinggi last wednesday.

My original plan is to go to fatten myself @ ChickenHartz-quite sometime didnt go.
but then I thought better if we go to Greenbox, since I'm heading to Klang that day.
no Greenbox in Puchong, and my 1st visit to Greenbox was at Lowyat.

I like the buffet at lowyat. Crabs, Fish, Chickens, Prawns, Squids- YUMMY!
Ive tried Neway. Food-Not so good. Karaoke- Very good system.

Above were some of what we ate. Not as good as Lowyat. Mainly chicken. Have 1 dish of prawns. No fish, no squids, and of cos no crabs..

So any of u went to Bkt Tinggi Greenbox? coz if this is what they usually serve, I might not go there anymore.

The best part- 2 of us got a room for 10! haha! so spacious, while others cramming in a small room. sang from 5-9pm. total charge almost rm60. worth it, just that ive tasted better at Lowyat's Greenbox.