Thursday, April 4, 2013

Resort World Genting's YNOT Graffiti Competition

Genting = FUN. Dont you think? I believe most of us will equate the same as I did. That's why Resort World Genting is hosting the YNOT Graffiti Competition this year.

To encourage youngsters and those young-at-heart to express themselves by allowing them to paint Genting's Outdoor Theme Park. Isn't that awesome?!

Graffiti = Conteng = Vandalism. This is what some people thought of. But Resort World Genting believes that creativity as an element to develop today's youth. YNOT allows them to express their interest in a positive yet fun way.

To commemorate this first ever Graffiti Art competition, Resort World Genting has installed 8 graffiti masterpieces on 8 bus shelters around Klang Valley. You may view all of it here: Graffiti at Bus Shelters! Here's a sneak peek for you, looking good eh?:

The competition has underwent voting period from 15-28 March 2013. The best submissions will present their graffiti live at Resort World Genting during the Finale Event on 13-14 April 2013.  I'm really excited for it! Cant wait to see it live! The best artists will surely transform my previous equation to Genting = The Coolest!