Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Movie Review: BRAVE

Watched Brave in 3D yesterday at GSC IOI Mall Puchong. As usual, I watched on Wednesday.
I opted for 3D coz no normal version here.

Mula-mula, before the movie start, there was a short movie called La Luna. Silent movie, but entertaining. So jangan confuse pulak-coz I was confused coz the 3 characters obviously takde in Brave movie.

So about the Brave movie review. The story memang unconventional. No prince to woo the princess. Not a typical royal family. Ade triplets princes, adik-adik Merida ni. Memang most of funny moments sebab character depa ni.

I no need to explain about the storyline further la ye. Overall:
  • Not worth to watch in 3D. Nothing spectacular. 
  • Got few funny moments, but just here and there.
  • OK story, but I cant say interesting or recommended. I think her hair is the most stood out in this movie.
  • Definitely will bore young children. This is not a typical cartoon to entertain children.
  • The story is too simplistic. I wish to know nape mesti her mum/Mor'du turned into a bear instead of other animals or sumthing else. And I dunno how to describe, but sumthing is off la with this story.

Ticket Price: RM13.50
Verdict: Nak tengok boleh, tak tengok pun tak rugi.
Better than Snow White & The Huntsman, worse than Madagascar 3. Either watch it on Wednesday or download je..


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