Monday, November 5, 2012

I Win! ChurpPremiere Soar into the Sun

Yiiihaa! I won again exclusive invitation for ChurpPremiere - Soar into the Sun! Jangan jealous ya..

Actually I lost in the 1st place. Huhu. I entered the contest under Nuffnang for #NNPremiereScreening Soar into the Sun. This is my entry at Nuffnang:

What you would name your very own personal fleet of fighter jets and what would be your signature attack move?
When I didnt get the invitation-I straight away tried my luck under ChurpChurp pulak. Lucky me, the dateline for ChurpChurp, was later than Nuffnang. This is my winning entry:

“If you could fly a jet, what would you name it and what are you going to do with it?”

Waa, baru perasan my entry was at 1:23pm on 01/11/2012. Wallaweyy!
Tak sia-sia malu with my friends for this Facebook entry. haha. Cant wait to watch Rain! encemnya diaaaaa..

So tonight, I will watch Soar into the Sun with my movie buddy - Fareed. Tonight, I will also collect my grand prize that I won from ChurpChurp for Looper contest. Check out what I won here: I'm a Grand Prize Winner for Looper contest!

Oh ya, though I didnt win this invitation from Nuffnang, I won #NNPremiere Screening for Cold Wars on Wednesday. ehehehe..


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