Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Free Coupons: McD for You

diclaimer: for those still boycotting McD, this is not suited for you

Morning to all. Ive been meaning to pass this earlier,but something always came up till i forget.
SO if u r always eating out and Lovin' It, you can use this McDonald coupon.

I got mine slipped into my paper. But also available online.

Just click the coupons to enlarge it,and print it.

Hurry, valid until 28 February only..


  1. I feel like having Mc D for lunch...
    But I am vegetarian today :(

  2. wuuewweeee...kupon free~~
    thanks! ;)

  3. enjoy!! 28 feb is this saturday..

  4. But I am in SG now. Will be back on Saturday only.

    Will see how it goes...

  5. can use Wendy's kupon then. n i believe McD will give coupons next month too..

  6. hah kupon x leh pakai. ari tu g mines die kate x pkai da, padahal date tu x luput lagi. sengal.