Monday, March 2, 2009

KL Drift II-pics

As promised, some pics and videos of KL Drift II shooting.
My video of cos blur since I was using handphone camera only. So, I merged it with a good video.
So dont flame me or marah2 for the low quality ek...

All this was shot last Wed ,midnite nearby newly-built Wisma Perkeso.

3 Cars, 3 drivers/stuntmen. The main Driver: Along. 2nd car D-wan. 3 car is Yoong, if I'm not mistaken. D-wan like a taiko, Yoong at first I thought was the mechanic only...hehe

Alamak! problem while editing the video.I'll upload the video tomorrow. Mau tido..

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  1. blurrr..... xramai ker masa tu...

    ok lh..tunggu video