Monday, April 26, 2010

BANNED from Shoutbox-Kerek Owner

I'm pissed off with 1 of the blog during BW (Blogwalk). Here...Let me share some of the chat:
I suddenly cannot post and this message came out..

 What the Heck? I've recently read some bloggers are banned from using ANY shoutbox-coz BW too much,and considered as spamming. but i dont think i've done enuff BW to be considered that. but then i checked-only at that blog i cannot post. means,the admin blocked me. my ip+my blog.huhuhuhu

he/she deleted all my entries too. and changing my "Blabberina" to berina or Bkabberina..such a spoilsport. And this what happened next when i commented:

(pls click for bigger image if not clear) could he/she be so rude? if i'm "invading" the so-called personal blog,cant he just kindly ask me not to do that? i'd understand that. coz it was not written anywhere links are prohibited there *sigh* and he's way off by saying i promote 100x perghhh!!! EXAGGERATING!

i'm not new to blogging-i know that most owners,they would even put 2 shoutbox to segregate ads and  normal chatting. so that any BW,we'll put it at the ads shoutbox. when i suggested that, he blatantly said "it's my blog,no need to teach me". Sombongnya kan?

Now u guys tell me,how do u feel in my place?

**don't worry,i've cooled down.esp since i found hilarious info associated with this unfrenly owner


  1. naper kena blacklist ek?nie mesti kes ada org guna nama pastu buat spam or sent virus.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. aku kena sbb mmg owner tu banned ip+blog add aku.dia xsuka aku singgah2 situ BW. klu aku spam 1000000x sehari tu,paham gak nak marah.

  4. oic . chillax dear !
    byk ag blog laen rite ?
    blog i pung ade .
    u na spam byk kali pung i xkesa .
    hee (:

  5. slalu kena your ip has been banned, klu ur URL x penah kena plak..takpelah sabar je..manusia ni kan macam2 ragam...cheers hokay!=)

  6. sbb ip aku boleh tukar2..tu sbb aku leh berbalas2 msg lepas dia banned tuh..hehe

  7. mgkin ada orang lain guna IP ko..buat spam link ke dapat wang ker...sabar..masyarakat blogger ada lebih dari 500k orang..sorang ilang ada 499k lagi hahahahha

  8. hmm xpatut die buat camtu..
    sabar ye bloggerina..chaiyok3!!

  9. bukan cmtu uncle.dia jrg2 update blog rasa sbb masa tu dia tgh jenguk blog dia.sbb perasan masa2 tu pun kuar new post.dia mmg spesifically ckp xsuka dan JANGAN blogwalk kat blog dia.

  10. Aduhai.. sombongnya owner blog tu. ish ish , tak patut betul.

  11. haish! sape yg berani buat cmtu??


  12. Read your post in innit.. well, this is the first time a heard someone got banned for dropping messages in a shoutbox. it's kinda ridiculous when i think that the one in question, too, is doing the same thing to other people's blogs :P

    Nvm, you are most welcome to my blogs. and of course i'd appreciate it if you drop comments if you like any of my postings :)

  13. hii dear meh dtg blog sis...=)

  14. adeh.. blogger camtu pun ada erk? maybe dia wat blog utk dia n owg yang dia kenal jer kot? pastu x mo org lain tumpang sekaki.. x yah layan lah blogger camtu.. wat sakit hati jer.. sombong nak mampus..

    misalnya kalau saya 'ter'blogwalking kat sana.. maybe kena banned gak kot.. T_T haruuuu~

  15. thx ya to all yg bagi kind words..tu la,sbb tu awal pg td tu agak menyirap..xsangka ade gak yg kerek camtu

  16. ape da...
    nk brkwn n bw pun ssh ke??
    bw je kt blog sy...
    pape pun cheer k...
    jgn jdikan mslh ni watkan xsmgt berbw down..

  17. kalo blog no ip mungkin dia blog ip org lain tapi no ip diambil secara umum kat depan jadik terkena no ip kamu jugak.

  18. pe susah, wat dek je! ramai lg bloggers dun tu x pndai abaikan & life goes on as usual..cheer up, darl!

  19. kelaka nyaaaa omaiGod. kalau nak sangat letak shoutbox tu terima jelah apa2 orang nak tulis. bukan orang lain kena letak password pun nak tulis situ. kalau setakat nak guna utk chat ngan member boleh guna ym, fb, dll.

    but still, kelaka.

  20. siannya..tak pe jer k...
    byk lagi blog bleh BW =)