Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saya Menang! Jemputan Buka Puasa #ChurpOut

I won an invitation to join Buka Puasa #ChurpOut! Yaay! This will be my 1st blogosphere-event of the year. First time with ChurpChurp. Percuma. Free. Before this, just attending Nuffnang event je.

Here is my winning entry:
I wanna join Churpout at coz I'm my mission to "activate" myself with the blogosphere as well as meeting fellow bloggers. I've been missing out almost 2 year blog-events =(. And cant wait to feature the restaurant & event on my blog:

What I will bring? I have been collecting soap,shower gels, shampoo and few shaver kits from hotels I've stayed during my travel that I intend to give to homeless people in KL. And since this is Ramadhan, I'll buy some food as well.

This could be my 1st ever event with ChurpChurp. Maybe I'll bring Haidar Ramlan to this event at Songket Restaurant..hehe.
<<=== toiletries that I'm bringing for the homeless. Will also bring few used clothes that is still in good condition.

Guess who I bring to the event? My bro got another iftar to join today, so I posted in my FB wall and groups to invite a guest. I'll be going with 1 member of Malaysian Backpackers Club (MBC) / Backpackers Buddies Malaysia (BBM) . Siapa? Lepas event baru bagitau la..okeh?


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