Thursday, May 23, 2013

Astro On The Go Explorer: I Win Samsung Galaxy S4!

Saya menang Samsung Galaxy S4 hanya dengan berlari-lari anak di dalam Sunway Pyramid untuk Astro On-The-Go Explorer event with Joel. Yeah, right. Me and Joel were paired up as #Team17 for this fantastic Astro challenge last Saturday.

How I got to be part of Astro On-The-Go Explorer? Sebab I submit a last minute entry to be part of the participating bloggers: I am the Unstoppable Explorer: The Backpacker.

Ok. Let's cut to the chase. Here are some the best moments I had during the Astro On-The-Go Explorer event with Joel:

1. "Free" iPad was given to both me and Joel. Though a bit confused about who is the pilot and co pilot. Haha! Unlike usual contest, we were loaned with iPads and modem for the race.

2. Paired up with Joel. I was already delighted when i saw his blog title: It means he's wayyyyy younger than me and hopefully knows Sunway Pyramid better than me. And what a wonderful news-he studies nearby, selalu lepak and already did his study about Sunway Pyramid. Double yayyyy!

3. Huffing and puffing a bit throughout the contest, but still manage to get the following awesome pics as part of the race:

We are not actually running, but Joel is tall with long legs. So his two steps, shorty-me need to take 3 steps. Kecian ai.

4. Free Delicious buffet from Delicious! Delicious food, delicious waiter. Erk?? Ye ke?

5. Ogling and feasting my eyes with Astro stars: Aaron Aziz, Johan, JinnyBoy and many more. rugi korang tak join.

6. Mingling with top and popular bloggers: Redmummy, Abang Nara, EyriqazzRawlins Penaberkala, MiraCikcit, Mahamahu and others. eventhough they dont know me. hehe.

7. The BEST part ever : MENANG Samsung Galaxy 4 of course! Although we were confused when we finished it in just 44 mins. And due to some misunderstandings, we do the race twice!!  But worthwhile, so we complain no more  =b

8. Kena puji dengan Joel at his blog entry post-event: Astro On the Go Explorer- Joel's Experience.
I'm really blessed to pair up with him. The race was easy breezy coz somehow we complement each other while trying to solve all the puzzles. I was at 1st worried I wont be much of a help since I rarely watch Astro lately.

How do i foresee myself utilizing Astro On-The-Go in the future? VERY MUCH! The main reason is because I already lose my chance to win additional RM800 from Astro by not being a subscriber. *double sigh*

Another reason, like what was mentioned at I am the Unstoppable Explorer: The Backpacker,I'm a frequent traveller. Not just oversea, but I'm not even really at my house in Malaysia.So for Atika On-The-Go, I really need:
  • Awesome handphone with good battery life, just like Samsung Galaxy S4 that I have won. hehe
  • A good and powerful Power Bank. 
  • Astro On-The-Go package.
P/S to NUFFNANG: Don't disqualify me to win the Astro On-The-Go Explorer Best Buzz Bloggers because I won the S4 tauuuuu.. I want to win more!

Some of the pictures above, thanks to Amir Nawami, Nisa Kay, Nuffnang, Rawlins ...


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